A New City

The dream: I was in Bombay – also called the city of dreams in India – for some project which I don’t remember of now. I meet these popular comedians on the local bus. They are YouTubers who go by the names of Kenny Sebastian and Kanan Gill. Kanan was sitting on the seat next to me. He was only half-visible in the frame of my dream. In fact, only his back and his hand were visible. Kenny was sitting next to me. He was funny and chivalrous and made me feel comfortable in the new city. I clicked well with Kenny.

Scene change. I am at IIT Bombay with my friend Anshul Bawa. I decide to explore the campus on my own, leaving him behind in the room. The campus looks more like a venue for a very cool party. There are pools full of good looking guys and girls. Somehow, I have been interacting with this girl (name unknown), who lives on the campus. She is wearing a white dress and is very vivacious. She tells me about how much she loves the Bombay weather. I remember thinking at one point whether I should kiss her. I perhaps even talked to her about it but we let the moment pass. We did hang out and chatted a lot at the pools, though. I realize that I’ve lost my phone and I borrow her phone. I unable to contact Anshul though.

Scene change. We’ve reached near the dormitories. I still can not find Anshul. The girls’ and boys’ dormitories are located across a swimming pool. They look more like a set of apartments. I cross over to the boys’ dormitories to find him. It strikes me that unlike other colleges, IIT Bombay has co-ed hostels. Also, almost as if all of a sudden, I remember that I have not explored this part of the campus. I plead to the girl (in the white dress) to tour me around the boys’ hostel. Another friend of hers’ (name unknown) has joined us. She is shorter than both of us. We enter the hostel which is alive with chirpy sounds – people chattering, water splashing in the central fountains and sound of a crowd which we can’t make out. It is coming from the back side. We decide to check it.

Scene change. The back side of the campus has transformed into a huge sprawling green area like a football ground. It has a huge castle built there, complete with the thrones and everything. The castle looks old and like the ones I’ve seen in Indian movies – Redstone, with a red tomb and red thrones. The girl in the white dress tells me that it has been there since a movie was shot in college premises. They left the sets behind and it is now a landmark which is frequented by visitors a lot. Most of the visitors appear to be locals speaking in their Bombay-accented Hindi, who come to pay their respects to the dynasty which the movie was about. I want to click pictures but my phone is not with me and the ones with girls are giving blurry and incomplete pictures. There are activities taking place in different parts of the ground. We sit down to watch a skit-act. The songs they are playing there make me want to dance so I stand up. But the girls tell me that I should not do that because it is unacceptable to make fun of the dynasty by dancing in my typical pub-manner. I notice that the Swami – the chief of the place – is just sitting two places away from me and I sit down.

Dream ends.


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