The Beast and the White Crocodile

The Dream: I am going to get married day after tomorrow and I am not okay with it. It is an arranged marriage with someone I played with in my childhood. Presently, I don’t even have his phone number. I believe that I still am yet to meet my ‘The One’. I feel that the person I’m ought to marry is The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. So for my sake, my parents (both Mom and Dad) take me to this place which shares an address with the Beast’s address in the movie. People claim that person is the Beast from the movie. There is a huge queue at his place. I suspect there are other people who want to meet the Beast. My father, who got hairs graying near his temples, decides to take appointment from the senior citizen’s queue. At this point, I realize that my Dad has probably come back from the dead — like those heroes in movies who resurface months after a very bad accident. After everyone has lost hope that they are alive. Anyhow, we finally get to meet The Beast. He’s very old and is, in fact, a doctor. He gives me a BnB movie poster signed that he is not the Beast. I remember thinking that at least my parents put in so many efforts. I walk down a flight of stairs and stand by this huge dragon statue (resembles Disney movie dragon, which I felt that the Beast in the movie had used to escape with Beauty) and just talk to him that how good things in the movies happen when the protagonist is absolutely devastated, but since I am anyways unable to show my heartbreak it might be good in this situation if the statue didn’t wait for me behaving like one and comes to life.

Scene shift. I am on a basketball court from where I can see the railway tracks. There are three of them, and a train is running on each one of them. One of the trains is an old generation, next is from present years and the third train is a very advanced model. There are girls playing basketball in the court and there is one girl there who people are talking about — she plays all round the day without getting tired. I don’t know any of them. Anyways. I meet one of my best friends, Seema, and tell her about how I didn’t meet the Beast and that I’d be getting married at the age of 23 even though I wanted to get married at 26. As we walk around the area, we come to this swimming pool and go near it (not too near). Suddenly, a white crocodile jumps out of it onto the land and grabs Seema from around her neck. I don’t know what to do. I try to push him but he’s very strong.

Last scene. I wake up in my room. My parents and perhaps my to-be in-laws are there. They tell me that Seema died. I cry a lot. At this point I also can see my other friend, Priya, going to Seema’s home and knowing about her death. She cries a lot.

And then I woke up.


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